Native Shore by Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

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Set in Scotland in the near future Native Shore is a political thriller set in a tumultuous Scotland where opinion polls show a clear lead for Independence. Consequently, the break-up of the UK seems inevitable. Gerry O’Donnell, Glasgow Irish and ex-IRA intelligence officer, is on a second honeymoon in the Highlands with his Colombian wife, Maria. Unbeknown to him, a secret conclave inside the UK’s intelligence community has decided to carry out ‘Black Ops’ and 'False Flags' to discredit the Independence movement and frighten Scots out of any ideas of restored sovereignty.

Gerry’s relative, Mary Feeney, is a young journalist who does not believe the official line that a re-born Scottish National Liberation Army is using violence to free Scotland. Her journalism becomes a problem for the British state spooks who set up the pseudo gang. As the carnage mounts, they consider it vital to silence her. Concerned for Mary’s safety, Gerry is inexorably drawn into conflict against his old enemy in the place he was born but never considered home.


Mac Giolla Bháin is an author, playwright, blogger and journalist. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists and the Irish Writers Union.

Phil has contributed to publications as diverse as An Phoblacht, The Guardian, The Irish Independent, Magill magazine and The Irish Post. He has also built up a considerable online readership through his blog – His use
of the online platform to break stories has brought him acclaim from media commentators and colleagues.

Phil has 45,000 dedicated followers on Twitter @Pmacgiollabhain
Native Shore is especially topical subject matter for anyone following the Scottish Independence movement  and the approaching referendum 

Praise for Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

“A tale of our times, brilliantly told.” Alex Thomson, Channel 4 News, on Downfall

“Phil Mac Giolla Bháin was fully vindicated when Rangers suffered its financial
collapse.” Professor Roy Greenslade, City University London

"Mac Giolla Bháin should have been a certainty to be journalist of the year for his work.”
Kevin McKenna, Scottish Review of Books

Price £12.99

ISBN: 9781904684343

406 Pages

Category: Fiction Thriller

Format: B Paperback 198 x 130 mm