The War on Truth by Neil Mackay

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So, you think you know everything there is to know about the invasion of Iraq? Well, think again. In The War on Truth, internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, author and film-maker Neil Mackay exposes what really lay behind the occupation of Iraq as well as the truth about what is happening there today.

Mackay draws on his sources within British and American intelligence and four years spent investigating the roots of the war, the invasion and the occupation. In this highly accessible, no-holds-barred polemic, an arsenal of incendiary facts, scoops and exposés are unleashed and delivered with aplomb.

This is the book for the 21st-century ‘thinking rebel’ – a literary guerilla attack on those in power that takes no prisoners; a savage, satirical and personal take on the violent world we live in.

The War on Truth reveals:

  • what the UK’s spies really make of the war and Tony Blair
  • how Blair could be legally impeached
  • how the torture of Iraqis was sanctioned at the very highest levels
  • how the media manipulated the west into support for the war; how the allies used WMD against the people of Iraq
  • how two secret spying units were set up by the British and Americans to lie to the public about the threat from Saddam
  • how the invasion of Iraq was dreamed up by the Bush team long before they took over the White House
  • how the US and UK tried to destroy whistleblowers who attempted to expose the lies of the two administrations.

You can’t miss this book – and here’s why: in August 1999, Mackay revealed after briefings with his intelligence contacts in the CIA that the al-Qaeda network was planning to attack the US with planes. Make sure you read The War on Truth – your sense of reality depends on it.


Neil Mackay has appeared on TV and radio across the world as a commentator on politics, terrorism, intelligence, security and defence. He is a multi-award winning reporter, and three times finalist as British Reporter of the Year at the British Press Awards. His articles have been read by millions on the internet.

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428 Pages

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