The Governors by George Glennie

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FRONTLINE NOIR are proud to publish George Glennie’s rip-roaring, futuristic Scottish Independence sage, THE GOVERNORS.


Set in a future Scotland, this is the story of John McDonald’s tumultuous battle against the oppressive Governors, who have taken over the country.  But can McDonald and this small band of guerrilla soldiers defeat the might of the Governors brutal regime? This is a tale of espionage, suspense and a race against time. Can John McDonald help set Scotland free? Or will he and his comrades be captured and killed?


George Glennie is an aberdeenshire author and supporter of scottish independence, he has been for many years an SNP stalwart. 

Price £9.99

ISBN: 9781904684367

464 Pages

Category: Fiction

Format: B Paper back 198 x 130 mm