Interface: Flashpoints in Northern Ireland by Colm Heatley


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Interface aims to include the voices of those involved in flashpoint areas in Northern Ireland.What it is like to comfront the challenges residents in Interface areas face daily? Many feel that their views have been mis-represented, or at least misunderstood.

Even with the high standard of news reporting in Northern Ireland, the information can be expensive to accumulate – newspapers cost between 50p and £1 each day. To Collect all points of view, in a detailed way that would genuienly contribute to understanding, people have to be extremely well motivated to really learn about Interface areas, Of Course, those now living there need no lessons. But we all want to be understood.

In Interface, people affected talk directly to those more detached from events, who might otherwise judge the actions of people who face circumstances daily that would test anyones concept of tolerance.

Interface includes comment from Gerry Adams, Ian Paisley Jnr, Martin Mcguinness, Rev Willie McCrea, Dr Pete Shirlow, Fraser Agnew, Gerry Kelly, Billy Hutchinson, Brendan Mac Cionnaith, David Ervine, Fr Aidan Troy, and many others, including the grassroots community workers, many of whose work is rarely noted.


Colm Heatley was Belfast journalist when writing this book in the 2000s and had intimate knowledge of the subject having grown up during the Troubles.

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ISBN: 1904684106

191 Pages

Category: Politics

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